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m2 Multi AAD m2 Multi AAD
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Manufacturer: MarS a.s. Product Code: M2MULTI
m2 Multi AADThe m2 is an automatic activation device from MarS a.s. The m2 Multi is the latest configuration with 5 modes in 1 unit!The automatic activation device m2 provides automatic cutting of the closing loop of the reserve parachute when a skydiver is going above a set speed and through a set ..
Ex Tax:798.39€
m2 Multi AAD Cutter
New Pre-Order
Manufacturer: MarS a.s. Product Code: M2CUT
Cutter Unit – CutterThe cutter is completely made of stainless steel and cuts the reserve parachute closing loop in case of activation. This is the shortest “knife” construction in the market allowing easy placing to all harness types without the risk of excessive strain and bending of the cable. Th..
Ex Tax:129.03€
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