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Manufacturer: ParaGear Product Code: SGNBRASS
Nickel Plated Brass Spur Grommets, used in most modern container systems.Price is per grommet and washer set. ..
Ex Tax:0.58€
Manufacturer: ParaGear Product Code: SPURGRSS
Stainless Stell Spur Grommets, used in various applications. Ale to resist deformation and corrosion, it has proven to be very versatile and popular. Price is per grommet and washer set...
Ex Tax:0.73€
Manufacturer: ParaGear Product Code: ZKNIFE
An inexpensive little knife for cutting suspension lines during malfunctions or entanglements. Orange handle & black pouch only.Overall length 3 3/4" (8.6cm).   ..
Ex Tax:16.13€
Manufacturer: ParaGear Product Code: PILOGBK
The P.I. Log Book is widely used by novices and expert skydivers throughout the world.  It has a hard blue cover, room to record 150 jumps, a personal information page, information on how to log your jumps, a freefall time table, maneuver code symbols, a place to record first experience and qua..
Ex Tax:13.71€
Manufacturer: ParaGear Product Code: PGLOGBK
This unique low-priced Economy Log Book incorporates most of the features of log books costing two to four times as much. Room for 194 jump entries, FAI license requirements, maneuver code, additional remarks section and blue cover.Economically priced so it can be given to each new student in your c..
Ex Tax:9.68€
Manufacturer: ParaGear Product Code: 500LOGBK
500 jump capacity. This logbook has a higher jump capacity than any other logbook on the market. This logbook is based on the design of the Precision Freefall logbook, except it has four jumps per page as opposed to two. If you don't need as much description area as the Precision Freefall logbook, t..
Ex Tax:16.13€
Manufacturer: ParaGear Product Code: 1/2''TY3MT
1/2" radial seam nylon tape (ribbon weave).Sold by the meter. Type III, MIL-T-5038, 1/2'' wide, tensile strength 250 lbs...
Ex Tax:1.17€
Manufacturer: ParaGear Product Code: MSPECRUB
1 lb. box (455g) of Mil-Spec Type II parachute bands with higher rubber content.NSN 1670-01-323-9900 (drawing 11-1-4095-2).Approximately 300 rubber bands per box. Measures 2" X 3/8" X 0.63".Highest quality, maximum strength...
Ex Tax:30.65€
Manufacturer: ParaGear Product Code: 7/8''TY3MT
7/8" nylon binding tape (ribbon weave).Sold by the meter. Type III, MIL-T-5038, 7/8'' wide, tensile strength 525 lbs...
Ex Tax:1.53€
Manufacturer: ParaGear Product Code: 1 1/2''TY3MT
1 1/2" nylon binding tape (ribbon weave).Sold by the meter. Type III, MIL-T-5038, 1 1/2'' wide, tensile strength 850 lbs...
Ex Tax:2.98€
Manufacturer: ParaGear Product Code: 3''LINYTMT
3" lightweight nylon tape (preshrunk plain weave white).Sold by the meter. COMMERCIAL No 7282, 3'' wide, tensile strength 900 lbs...
Ex Tax:3.07€
Manufacturer: ParaGear Product Code: 1''WTY1MT
1" nylon webbing tape.Sold by the meter. Type I, MIL-W-4088, 1'' wide, tensile strength 600 lbs...
Ex Tax:1.65€
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