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Parasport Chillin' Pants Parasport Chillin' Pants
Manufacturer: Parasport Product Code: PACHPANTS
If you're a “jumpaholic” you surely like to show it. Sometimes it's your preferred skydive t-shirt, sometimes it's an apparel with the look and feel of your preferred suit. The Chillin' pants are manufactured with the same fabric and design of the freefly suits. Airworthy and great to jump, are cool..
Ex Tax:141.94€
Parasport Diablo FS Jumpsuit Parasport Diablo FS Jumpsuit
Manufacturer: Parasport Product Code: PAFSDIABLO
Diablo is a tight, solid, wrapping suit, but comfortable because of “extenders” strategically placed at the elbows, at the knees, and at the base of the back, stronger than elastic fabric, but able to stretch following the movements of the body while jumping, flying, or sitting in the aircraft.Front..
Ex Tax:525.00€
Parasport F-Zero Jumpsuit Parasport F-Zero Jumpsuit
Manufacturer: Parasport Product Code: FZERO
Completing the “F Series” suits, the F-Zero has been designed with wind tunnels in mind. Made of the same Aërian windproof fabric used on the F3 freefly suit, it provides optimal fit and comfort, with a slightly stretchy material. Cuffs and ankles are closed with comfortably tight Lycra, and collar ..
Ex Tax:252.42€
Parasport F-Zero Pro Jumpsuit Parasport F-Zero Pro Jumpsuit
Manufacturer: Parasport Product Code: FZEROPRO
Designed for a professional use in wind tunnels, the Pro version of the F-Zero has those features to make it very practical in prolonged use. The windproof Aërian material, moderately stretchy, is coupled with a soft, breathable liner. Fit is just tight to avoid annoying flapping of the fabric, whil..
Ex Tax:291.94€
Parasport F1 Jumpsuit Parasport F1 Jumpsuit
Manufacturer: Parasport Product Code: F1
The F1 is the first model of the new “F” Series jumpsuits. Designed to be comfortable, easy to fly, durable, reliable, and cool, it's made to be affordable for everyone. Quite versatile, it can be used as general purpose suit, free-fly beginner suit, or wind-tunnel flying.The F1 is all made of WindF..
Ex Tax:271.78€
Parasport F1 Summer Jumpsuit Parasport F1 Summer Jumpsuit
Manufacturer: Parasport Product Code: F1SUM
Perfect in hot weather, the F1 Summer is a lightweight suit perfect for a cool fit in all senses. Based on the concept of the F1 freefly suit, it shares the same ergonomic cut and strong fabrics, adding the tightly comfortable short sleeves and legs of the higher lever F3 Summer. A comfortable and f..
Ex Tax:271.78€
Parasport Fly Pants Parasport Fly Pants
Manufacturer: Parasport Product Code: PAFLYPANTS
Fly Pants are beautiful and comfortable, and can be used to jump or just to hang around at the Drop Zone or elsewhere. Like the Chillin' pants, they are made of Windflex, a TACTEL® based fabric that is quite durable, but also comfortable. Knees and back are protected by the ballistic Ultra fabric, g..
Ex Tax:175.00€
Parasport Prime FS Jumpsuit Parasport Prime FS Jumpsuit
Manufacturer: Parasport Product Code: PAFSPRIME
The Prime jumpsuit shares the same high performance fabric of other Parasport suits, and delivers the experience of 30 years in manufacturing. Even a beginner/student suit needs important features, like comfort, durability, nice price. No matter if you're a drop zone operator, or a beginner in s..
Ex Tax:281.45€
Parasport Student Jumpsuit Parasport Student Jumpsuit
Manufacturer: Parasport Product Code: PAJSSTUDENT
A quite versatile suit that has been designed for comfort and durability. Started with student operation in mind, turned out to be a quite useful suit in all situation where durability is a must. This includes tandem operation (as pilot or passenger), wind tunnel flying, static line jumps, and much ..
Ex Tax:193.55€
Manufacturer: Parasport Product Code: PASWOOPJE
A graphic jersey designed to jump and fly! Made of breathing material, it has comfortable Lycra at the neck and wrists. Longer at the waist, it can be fit inside the pants still allowing great freedom when piloting the canopy.Available in beautiful graphics and different colors...
Ex Tax:68.55€
Parasport Synchro FS Jumpsuit Parasport Synchro FS Jumpsuit
Manufacturer: Parasport Product Code: PASYFSSUIT
Redesigning the Formation Skydiving suit that set the standard for years, the Synchro is now applying the same aerodynamic solutions of the Diablo, Parasport's top level competition suit, but with a more relaxed fit, allowing amateurs to enjoy the same concepts of the original Synchro, with the adva..
Ex Tax:436.29€
TONFLY Basic 1 Suit TONFLY Basic 1 Suit
Manufacturer: TONFLY Product Code: TFLYB1S
Customize your Basic 1 suit here, send us the order form and purchase online!!B1 is a simple straight-cut suit, made with certified high quality fabrics such as Cordura® 180 and Cordura® Flex.It has predetermined sizes and available in 9 different colors at an entry level price.With its light and br..
Ex Tax:217.74€
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