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Manufacturer: Cookie Composites Product Code: Cookie G35
Cookie G35 Skydiving HelmetThe G35 is a lightweight, compact helmet that’s secure under the forces exerted by skydiving at high speeds and when cameras are added. An integrated GoPro solution for a full-face helmet with a more traditional coverage profile but is lower at the rear compared to th..
519.00€ Ex Tax:418.55€
Manufacturer: Cookie Composites Product Code: Cookie G4
G4 Skydiving HelmetLower rear head protectionCE XPS72600 Certification for Skydiving and WindTunnelSame superior viewing area and a larger choice of visor optionsEasy to insert audible pocketsSame visor operationNo maintenance visor mechanismBetter sealing in all areas for better fit and noise reduc..
529.00€ Ex Tax:426.61€
Manufacturer: Parasport Product Code: PAZXFFHE
Helmets in skydiving have been evolving as the sport has been changing. Nowadays requirements are very specific and high demanding. The ZX is the answer to this quest for high level specifications.Features:Visor certified optically and against impacts with high speed particles. Wide vision, no disto..
402.00€ Ex Tax:324.19€
Manufacturer: TONFLY Product Code: TFLYTFX
Customize your TFX helmet here, save your configuration and once ready for the order, you can send it to us and purchase it directly online.As a TONFLY authorized reseller, through the TFX Fitting Kit we offer our customers the opportunity to get the correct helmet size. TFX is the first F..
558.00€ Ex Tax:450.00€
Manufacturer: Parasport Product Code: PAZ1SL14FFHE
Anticipated by the introduction of the Skylight visor, the Z1 SL-14 implements major shell improvements when compared to the previous versions.Born from studies and heavy investments, this total quality helmet joins in a single product all the technical details wanted by modern skydivers, both..
279.00€ Ex Tax:225.00€
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