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Manufacturer: Parasport Product Code: Fairwind
Born as student helmet, the Fairwind is widely used worldwide not just for skydiving, but also in wind tunnels as first fliers' equipment.The new Fairwind has now a CE certification according to the EN1385.The certification guarantees the quality of the product, assuring that the manufacturing..
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Manufacturer: Parasport Product Code: FairwindXPS
The Fairwind XPS is the result of the cooperation with the Féderation Française de Parachutisme, involving Parasport Italia since 2014 to develop a specific standard for skydiving helmets.After 4 years of development of prototypes, lab tests, changes to the parameters, the study group has verified t..
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Parasport Z1 Jed-A Pro Open Face Helmet Parasport Z1 Jed-A Pro Open Face Helmet
Manufacturer: Parasport Product Code: PAJEDAPRO
Based on the Jed-A Wind open face helmet, the Pro version shares the same high quality materials for shell and liner, but with a semi-rigid fixed ear cover, with the advantage to increase comfort of fit of the open face.The ear covers allow to install an audible without interference with the ears. T..
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Parasport Z1 Jed-A Wind IAS Open Face Helmet
Manufacturer: Parasport Product Code: PAZ1JEDAWIASHE
This option designed for the Z1 Jed-A is a special fit for the Skytronic GFX Skydiving Computer or the NeoXs Audible Altimeter.The option allows skydivers to install an audible altimeter inside the helmet more comfortably because of the extra room over the ear. The audible setup is available in the ..
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Parasport Z1 Jed-A Wind Open Face Helmet
Manufacturer: Parasport Product Code: PAZ1JEDAWHE
The Z1 Jed-A sets a new reference for quality and comfort in skydiving open face helmets. With a weight of only 400 g, this is the lightest Z1, but still provides the usual protection with its shell made of 3 mm injection-molded HIGH IMPACT ABS, making the Z1 Jed-A strong and comfortable to wear.The..
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Manufacturer: Parasport Product Code: PAZXFFHE
Helmets in skydiving have been evolving as the sport has been changing. Nowadays requirements are very specific and high demanding. The ZX is the answer to this quest for high level specifications.Features:Visor certified optically and against impacts with high speed particles. Wide vision, no disto..
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Manufacturer: Parasport Product Code: AERONAUT
The mechanical altimeter made by Parasport has been redesigned, keeping the same sturdy, affordable, accurate mechanism. Calibrated up to 6.000 m (19.000 ft), with a temperature compensated aneroid capsule, the Aeronaut gives accurate readings along the full range of operation.The new case i..
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Parasport AloXs 2 Digital Altimeter Parasport AloXs 2 Digital Altimeter
Manufacturer: Parasport Product Code: AIoXs2
Perfect companion of the NeoXs 2 Audible Altimeter, the AloXs is its natural twin. Compact and lightweight, it has wide digits for easy reading of the altitude, in freefall and flying the canopy. With functions similar to those of the Altitron, it will be appreciated by skydivers attracted by its sm..
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Manufacturer: Parasport Product Code: AtiX
AltiX is a digital altimeter designed to be easy to use and clear to read. Only basic altimeter functions are available, with the addition of a simulation mode, helping training students to recognize the altitude during ground training. It also records exit and pull altitudes, as well as freefall ti..
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Manufacturer: Parasport Product Code: NeoXs2
The new case makes the NeoXs 2 the smallest audible on the market, and can fit every skydiving headwear without being uncomfortable. It is made of a single piece of strong, injected anti-shock nylon to carefully protect the electronics on the inside. And it's waterproof!While keeping the same LCD de..
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Manufacturer: Parasport Product Code: PAZ1SL14FFHE
Anticipated by the introduction of the Skylight visor, the Z1 SL-14 implements major shell improvements when compared to the previous versions.Born from studies and heavy investments, this total quality helmet joins in a single product all the technical details wanted by modern skydivers, both..
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Parasport Chillin' Pants Parasport Chillin' Pants
Manufacturer: Parasport Product Code: PACHPANTS
If you're a “jumpaholic” you surely like to show it. Sometimes it's your preferred skydive t-shirt, sometimes it's an apparel with the look and feel of your preferred suit. The Chillin' pants are manufactured with the same fabric and design of the freefly suits. Airworthy and great to jump, are cool..
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