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Hardware & Grommets

Manufacturer: ParaGear Product Code: SGNBRASS
Nickel Plated Brass Spur Grommets, used in most modern container systems.Price is per grommet and washer set. ..
Ex Tax:0.58€
Manufacturer: DJ Associates Product Code: QFADSS
Quick Fit  Adapter (Stainless Steel).Found on sport harnesses chest straps.Strength 500 lbs...
Ex Tax:4.60€
Manufacturer: Peguet Product Code: RAPLINKSS
Stainless steel Maillon Rapide Links used in the connection of the main or reserve canopy suspension lines onto the risers.Load specifications:No 3:    160kg WLL - 800kg BLNo 3.5: 220kg WLL - 1100kg BLNo 4:    280kg WLL - 1400kg BLNo 5:    450kg WLL - 2250kg BLNo 6:&nbs..
Ex Tax:3.47€
Manufacturer: ParaGear Product Code: SPURGRSS
Stainless Stell Spur Grommets, used in various applications. Ale to resist deformation and corrosion, it has proven to be very versatile and popular. Price is per grommet and washer set...
Ex Tax:0.73€
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