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Manufacturer: Airtec Product Code: CYPRESMAINT
CYPRES Maintenance PolicyUnits with DOM 12/15 and earlier: mandatory maintenance to be performed 4 and 8 years after the original DOM (service life 12.5 years).Units made in 2016: maintenance on a voluntary basis 4 and 8 years after original DOM (service life 12.5 years).Units with DOM 01/17 and lat..
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Manufacturer: Airtec Product Code: CYPRESDSK
Securely fastens the CYPRES closing loop. Smooth edges to prevent loop abrasion. Also referred to as a “Smiley” due to the way it appears...
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Manufacturer: Airtec Product Code: CYPRESCUT
The most important component for the automatic activation of your reserve parachute. The original CYPRES Cutter has proved itself already over 200,000 fold in all types of containers. It is the ultimate tool to initiate the opening of your reserve parachute. The force of the cutter is strong enough ..
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Manufacturer: Airtec Product Code: CYPRESSILGRE
2oz. bottle with a wide opening makes it convenient for applying silicon to the closing loop...
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Manufacturer: Airtec Product Code: CYPRESLOSPO
CYPRES Loop SpoolAvailable in 50m or 200m spool...
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CYPRES Packers Kit
Manufacturer: Airtec Product Code: CYPRESKIT
The CYPRES Packers Kit Includes:2 temporary pins50m roll of loop materialfinger trapping needle2oz silicon bottleSilicon cloth5 discs3 filtersFilter changer toolCYPRES User’s GuideCYPRES Rigging Tips booklet – A must have for all riggers...
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Manufacturer: Airtec Product Code: CYPRESSILCLO
CYPRES Silicon Cloth for applying silicon on CYPRES loop...
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Manufacturer: Airtec Product Code: CYPRESPIN
Made of stainless steel. Perfect for all types of containers...
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Manufacturer: Advanced Aerospace Designs Product Code: VIGILCUT
Cutter Unit – Full Inox Cutter (Type 3)Specially developed for Vigil® (patented technology -EU Patent N° EP1512626A2 )The cutter severs the reserve loop by a pyrotechnical cutting action with a circular knifeIt will eventually melt the loop to ensure its separation due to high internal temperatureTh..
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Manufacturer: Advanced Aerospace Designs Product Code: VIGILMAINT
Vigil AAD Battery Replacement & Upgrade FirmwareVigil batteries are under warranty until 5 years or 2000 jumps (whichever comes first).SN's > 11800 will receive a firmware upgrade to Cuatro (4 modes: Pro, Student, Tandem and Xtreme)SN's < 11800 will receive a firmware upgrade to Multimode ..
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