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TONFLY TFX Helmet Spare Scratch Protector Film (PVC) TONFLY TFX Helmet Spare Scratch Protector Film (PVC)
New Pre-Order
Manufacturer: TONFLY Product Code: TFXPVC
TFX Scratch Protector Sticker Kit reduces the damage on the helmet shell and it is highly recommended tothose who use TFX helmet in the tunnel. Please check Tonfly's tutorial video for correct installation:
45.00€ Ex Tax:36.29€
TONFLY TFX Helmet Spare Secondary Lining
New Pre-Order
Manufacturer: TONFLY Product Code: TFXSELIN
Spare secondary lining for Tonfly TFX helmet.Please specify helmet shell and size...
24.00€ Ex Tax:19.36€
Manufacturer: TONFLY Product Code: TFXSPL
TFX spare side plates, sold in pairs and available in 9 different colors...
12.00€ Ex Tax:9.68€
Manufacturer: TONFLY Product Code: TFXSCR
TFX spare side screws, sold in pairs...
12.00€ Ex Tax:9.68€
Manufacturer: TONFLY Product Code: TFXSPVIS
Spare visor for Tonfly TFX helmet...
54.00€ Ex Tax:43.55€
Manufacturer: LB Altimeters Product Code: LBTOOL
The LB Tool is used when mounting and removing the VISO II or the ARES II altimeter from a pocket. A slit in the tool makes it useful when closing a parachute container...
6.00€ Ex Tax:4.84€
Manufacturer: Parasport Product Code: PAGEBAG
Exclusively designed as a carrying bag for skydiving equipment, our gear bag is manufactured using Cordura, with padded straps for exceptional comfort.Also included are large pouches to hold your logbook and accessories.Available only in black, with wide Parasport logo embroidery...
145.00€ Ex Tax:116.94€
Parasport Gear Bag MaxiTravel
Manufacturer: Parasport Product Code: PAGEBAGMAX
With the same features offered by the Miditravel, but sized to allow the transportation and shipment of two rigs or a complete tandem system, with all accessories and a helmet.Available in black, with large Parasport logo embroidery.Size 31 x 46 x 72 cm (about 12” x 18” x 28”)...
198.00€ Ex Tax:159.68€
Manufacturer: Parasport Product Code: PAGEBAGMID
Heavy duty bag, made of Cordura 1500, specifically designed for travelling. The double handle, combined with the padded shoulder straps, make its use very comfortable during flight trips.Straps can also be hidden in the bag double back when luggage is checked in.Available in black, with large Parasp..
160.00€ Ex Tax:129.03€
Manufacturer: Parasport Product Code: PAWEIGHTBELT
A simple design, it is made of padded Cordura for an excellent comfort during freefall or indoor flying. The easy to use and 100% affordable closing system, together with the equally distributed weight pockets, make this belt comfortable during opening shocks too.The availability of three di..
84.00€ Ex Tax:67.74€
Manufacturer: ParaGear Product Code: ELASRUBSP
1 lb. bag (455g) of new gum rubber.Highest quality, maximum strength.Approximately 275 rubber bands per bag.Measures 2" x 3/8" x 0.62"...
23.00€ Ex Tax:18.55€
Manufacturer: United Parachute Technologies Product Code: ELASRUBTD
Rubber band stows for your Tandem deployment bag. Comes as a 1lb bag...
17.00€ Ex Tax:13.71€
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